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Autodesk Take Off

Autodesk Take Off

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Autodesk Takeoff

Autodesk Takeoff allows estimators to perform more accurate 2D takeoffs and generate automated quantities from 3D models in a single online solution. Preconstruction teams are empowered to win more work with integrated takeoffs and quantities that help produce quality estimates for faster, more accurate bidding.

checklist bullet Manage sheets and models in one data environment with Autodesk Docs
checklist bullet Easily capture project scope with linear, count and area takeoff
checklist bullet Generate multiple quantities and use custom formulas
checklist bullet Get instant access to quantities from models for automated 3D takeoffs
checklist bullet Access aggregated quantities from drawings and models
checklist bullet No limits on projects or file storage
checklist bullet Subscribe once and use on any project you are working on
checklist bullet Flexible subscription offerings for users, projects and businesses
checklist bullet Easily add subscribers as your business grows
checklist bullet Keep central administration and user login with additional product subscriptions



Cloud-Based Document Management

Estimating teams get simplified access to relevant construction documents, drawings, and 3D models, resulting in improved collaboration.

Simplified 2D Takeoff

Easily capture project scope with linear, count, and area takeoff. Generate multiple quantities and use custom formulas.

Automated 3D Takeoff

Get instant access to quantities from the BIM model to achieve tremendous time savings and project scope visualization.

Aggregate 2D & 3D Takeoff

Takeoff types can be used across 2D and 3D takeoff, allowing teams to access aggregated quantities from drawings and models in a highly organized and customizable view.

Multiple Classifications

Use predefined classification systems or upload custom classifications across projects. Supports multiple classifications showing for materials.

Takeoff – Any Way You Want

Choose the imperial or metric measurement system based on your project’s needs. Takeoff once and generate multiple quantities.

Formula-Based Quantities

Use customized formulas to generate complex quantities in both 2D and 3D – takeoff with confidence with our formula checker.

Connect to Estimating Solutions

Aggregated 2D+3D quantities can be rolled up by classification, type, and material to allow for an easy connection to estimating solutions through Excel export.


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