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Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max

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Simpler project and pipeline management
• Structure project folders in a way that makes sense for your pipeline — and automatically switch between projects when opening a file from a different project.
• Custom data can be stored within a 3ds Max scene file, and accessed without loading it into
3ds Max.
• It’s now easier to share Alembic data between 3ds Max and other 3D tools, with support for UVs, layer names, material IDs, and vertex color.

Faster content creation and editing
• Extensive support for Open Shading Language maps, including over 100 included shaders.
• Advanced wood procedural textures, including maple, cherry, oak, pine, mahogany, and more.
• With a new Shape Boolean object, users can perform Boolean operations parametrically on geometry created around splines.
• Edit scenes directly in VR with 3ds Max Interactive.

More efficient collaboration
• Sharing assets with reviewers and collaborators from 3ds Max is now simpler than ever: Assets can be shared to the online Autodesk Viewer directly from the 3ds Max interface, so reviewers
don't need to install extra software or sign in to view the content.
• Reviewers can view, markup, and take screenshots of content directly in-browser, and feedback can be reviewed from within 3ds Max.

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