BIM 360 Coordinate

BIM 360 Coordinate

  • RM2,500.00 MYR

Design 360 Coordinate

Streamline VDC & BIM collaboration through the acceleration of model aggregation and clash detection.

  • Conduct constructability reviews on the job site or in the office
  • Identify costly issues in the preconstruction phase
  • Improve multi-discipline coordination
  • Automate clash detection and speed reviews


Benefits of working with BIM 360 Coordinate

Cloud-connected coordination workflows

  • Accelerate constructability reviews and let multidisciplinary teams quickly identify and resolve costly issues prior to construction at any time, anywhere access to project models


BIM 360 Coordinate Features

BIM 360 Coordinate puts BIM coordination into the hands of the whole project team, helping accelerate virtual design and construction workflows.

3D Model Access

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • 50+ file formats
  • Sync models for offline viewing

Constructability Review Tools

  • Review and annotate models
  • Send notifications to project team
  • Respond to markups

Simply Navigate Models

  • Gesture-based pan, zoom, and orbit
  • Gravity-assisted walk-through navigation
  • Select, hide and reveal model components


  • Point-to-Point tools
  • Object snapping
  • Automatic calculations

Navisworks Integration

  • One-click publish to Glue
  • Perform more detailed clash detection
  • Send links and notifications to reviewers

Design Tool Integration

  • Upload directly to Glue
  • Automatically manage model versions
  • Access and isolate clashing elements