Solid Edge Premium Standalone Annual Subscription License

Solid Edge Premium Standalone Annual Subscription License

  • RM10,700.00 MYR

Solid Edge software is a comprehensive 3D design system that uses synchronous technology to accelerate design, make revisions faster, and enable better re-use. With 3D CAD, simulation, and design management, Solid Edge helps companies design better and complete their projects faster.

  • Advanced 3D part design and assembly design
  • Model Based Definition (MBD) preparation
  • Sheet metal design
  • Frame & weldment design
  • Surface modeling
  • Plastic part design
  • Jig & fixture design
  • Cam and Gear design
  • Pulley & shaft design
  • Spring Design
  • Beam & column design
  • Electrical routing
  • PCB collaboration
  • Pipe and tube design
  • Reverse engineering (3D scanning)
  • Generative design
  • 3D print preparation and service
  • SolidWorks data migration
  • Inventor data migration
  • Pro/Engineer / Creo data migration
  • Advanced motion and stress simulation
  • Basic vibration simulation
  • Simulation optimization
  • Data management
  • Cloud-ready productivity (log-in license, cloud-based collaboration and free viewing tools)


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