FloEFD for Solid Edge with 1 Year Maintenance Plan

FloEFD for Solid Edge with 1 Year Maintenance Plan

  • RM37,600.00 MYR

FloEFD for Solid Edge is a full-featured 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis solution built into Solid Edge. FloEFD as a Frontloading CFD tool enables design engineer(s) to work directly on their CAD model for preparing and evaluating their concurrent CFD simulations. FloEFD Design Centric CFD software makes fluid dynamics and thermal simulations available to design engineers by using unique technologies based on a combination of full 3D modeling and engineering methods including leveraging from being embedded in Solid Edge; Detailed geometry information is used for effective meshing and solving. This allows perform CFD analysis directly on Solid Edge model where the model and analysis are synchronized; automatic fluid volume detection; analysis input data (preprocessor) is defined inside Solid Edge and results (postprocessor) are displayed inside Solid
Edge. Robust meshing and solver algorithms ensure the maximum level of automation for CFD analysis which allows effective parametric studies including the use of internal or external optimization tools for finding the optimal design.

Additional Prerequisites: The product requires Solid Edge ST10 onwards.

* Include 1 Class of FloEFD for Solid Edge Training 

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